Classic cars restoring and sales 1970-1990 

At Youngtimer.ro, we provide services for those with a passion for motor vehicles from the 70s till 90s, which are already included, or are about to be included among classic cars .

Restoring our own cars started this passion, 15 years ago. We used these vehicles to participate in scores of events organized by the Romanian Retromobil Club (and won some of them!), which makes us an ideal partner for those who share this passion with us, but do not have either the time, or the technical prowess to embark upon such a project. Youngtimer.ro’s guarantee to you is our expertise and commitment to restoring classic cars to their former glory.

Our services include: restoration, advice when buying and/or selling classic cars and spare parts provision. We also have a range of cars in various stages of restoration which we can finish for you, fully or partially. During our years of experience, we have created a network of parts providers and built our own stocks, so that our clients may choose from a wide array of parts and equipment, many of them very rare on the market. Our speciality brands are Ford, BMW and the Romanian car Dacia, but we take each new project as a challenge we can’t refuse and will give our best to make it work. We trade cars and spare parts all the time, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to sell yours, or fancy buying.

While Youngtimer.ro is a business and we want to make profit, our ultimate goal is to help more and more passionate people rescue classic cars which are in a bad shape or have become rare and precious. Our sales section includes many brands and models, in an attempt to raise public awareness on this issue.